Sunday, February 10, 2013

Save the whales and the rainforest, and don’t use any plastic and …

I packed my lunch for today, as I do for every day that I’m at work (because I’m cheap and don’t want to pay 10 bucks for a mediocre sandwich from the cafeteria). I was on my way to the kitchen where I was going to add hot water to my organic oatmeal (with organic raspberries, to boot) when a co-worker stopped me to talk. I was chatting with her when she explained to me that cooking in plastic is toxic. The chemicals from the plastic get into your food and slowly kill you. 

Here I am minding my own business, eating my organic oatmeal and berries, and I get a lecture about PLASTIC. I told her that glass just isn’t practical for bringing in my lunch. Honestly I would have to buy a whole new set of glass containers and then what would I do with the plastic stuff that I have? Recycle it, I guess, so someone else can buy plastic containers for their lunch. I digress, my co-workers told me she found some great glass containers at Costco and will bring some in for me. She explained how I can transfer my food from the plastic container that I brought from home to the glass container that I can use to microwave my lunch. I didn’t want to tell her that doubles the amount of dishes that I do for each lunch. I do enough dishes… why do I want to create more work for myself?

I swear, I can’t join every cause! I’m eating organic, non-processed food, but that isn’t enough. I need to use glass only and save the rainforest and whales while I’m doing it, too. Sheesh…

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