Saturday, June 1, 2013

Could this be the answer to our ear infection problems?

Aside from Cameron heart issue, the only health problem my child has is ear infections. Those damn ear infections! After having an ear infection for 3 months straight, when he was 11 months we had tubes put in. They were a godsend, however Cam still got ear infections. His ears would ooze this yucky yellowish greenish gunk and we knew he had an ear infection. Thank goodness our pediatrician supplied us with a an ample amount of medicated ear drops to help in the event of an infection. Life was going good.

And then the tubes fell out.

A month later he had an ear infection. We couldn't get in to see our normal doctor, so we saw her partner (see my post about the asinine pompous doctor... that would be him). The wanted to take our Cam's adenoids immediately and put in industrial tubes.

I didn't like the guy and we went for a 2nd opinion. The 2nd doctor said the same thing, basically. If he continues to get ear infections then they want to put in heavy duty tubes and take out his adenoids.

I asked the doctor what we could be doing to prevent the ear infections in the first place.

Her answer? "Nothing".

I didn't like that answer. I happened to be talking with someone who gave me a recommendation for a natropath doctor (ND, not an MD). We went to see him and he had several preventative things to recommend.

First, make sure Cam's super healthy. Lots of good food and supplements.

And secondly, use garlic mullein oil at the first sign of infection (a few drops in each ear). I found the oil at whole foods. I'm sure  you can find it online. Two weeks ago Cam was complaining that his ear hurt and it was red. I started using the drops. 2 days later he seemed fine, no redness and no complaints of his ear hurting. A few days after that we happened to be at our ND's office. Ears looked great. No infection. Ask me how much I love this oil?

I wanted to throw this out there that it might be an option for someone else who's having the same issues. As always, check with your doctor before trying to self-medicate. I'm not a doctor, just a Mom who wanted to share what works for us.

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