Monday, July 1, 2013

I'm the wicked step mother

My step son is out here for the summer and so far there haven't been too many bumps in the road. I do find, though, that when things are rocky with his own mother that that things are also a little touchy with me. I guess that comes with the territory of being a step mom.

Like a lot of people I hide behind my humor and sarcasm.  The order day he was reading a book (at my request). He said that there was a wicked step mother in the book who was against the kids.

I thought "of course there is". So in my own weird sarcastic way I laughed a wicked witch of the west laugh and said "you know those wicked stepmothers" and rung my hands. My step son looked at me in that pre-teen "OMG -you're so not cool" sort of way and said " that was a creepy laugh, mom". 

I'll just accept my role as he wicked step mother with grace and take every day as it comes. Muah-ah-ah-ah-ah.... I couldn't help but get one more creepy laugh in for today.

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