Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Sharing and caring day

My husband called me this morning, which generally means something is lost or he’s having a hard morning. I get into the office before him so my husband handles drop offs and I handle pick up. I could tell right away he was annoyed. Our son was just moved to the pre-school class at daycare and this is his first full week.

Apparently, when my husband dropped him off this morning, we didn’t have something to share for “caring and sharing day” (no joke). I would like to point out that my son is 2… he turned 2, 2 months ago. We’re lucky if he comes home with socks on and she wants him to bring something for caring and sharing day?

My thoughts are (in no particular order):
1)      I barely have time to get my tush out the door in the morning much less remember to bring a quasi-special item that he can bring to caring and sharing day, but not something SO special that if it’s lost it will result in tears, whining and loss of sleep.
2)      When did pre-school become some important? He’s 2, honestly he’s not going to remember caring and sharing day.
3)      What if we don’t feel like sharing?

After my husband told me that preschool teacher informed him that he really should read the bumblebee manual, detailing sharing and caring day, my blood pressure really got up. I did something I probably should have done. I called the school and asked the teacher if there was a problem. The last thing I wanted to do was cause trouble, but seriously... caring and sharing day is something that requires giving my husband shit? We can't leave Elmo at home and do without the meltdowns after some other kid brings home his Elmo accidentally? And my son is 2, how much can he share, really?

Why is it that I'm paying over $1k a month in daycare and still have to worry about sharing day? Can't I just drop off my son knowing that he's going to a nice clean environment where he'll be taken care of? Sheesh... And bah humbug (I'm getting ready for Christmas early this year).

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