Friday, November 2, 2012

You know you're at your limit when you consider fruit punch to be a good mixer

My son is sick... and ornery.

We're working a full week of an ear infection. We started with the drops last Friday. Tuesday the cough started. Wednesday we took him to the doctor and got him started on antibiotics. Last night he slept like crap, which means that I slept like crap.

Yesterday when I picked him up from daycare he looked like he was getting worse. Then I looked around the room; 3 other kids had running noses. Sigh... I decided that as much as it would be a chore, I had to keep him home today. I was working from home anyway and decided I just had to make it work.

So, I have worked it all day. Work work, and crabby son work. I'm all worked out and it's only 4PM. At about 3:00 I was at my limit. It was at that time that I started looking in my fridge to see what would be a good mixer for vodka. Sobe water... nah. Apple juice... uh, no. I'm no mixologist and just can't turn vodka and mots into an apple drop. That's when I saw the fruit punch and wondered if how nasty that would be. So I tried it. Uh... it was nasty.

Thank GOD I found a lemon palagrino in the fridge. Salvation! Now only 4 hour until bedtime.

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