Monday, October 8, 2012

How not to be

I'll admit when I read this title.

"Mom who glued kid's hands to wall faces life term"

Having a 2 year old is a test in patience.... I totally get it. The glass of Cab in front of me is witness to that. I stopped laughing when I read the woman had also been beating her kid. What the heck?

I don't get mothers that don't want to protect and love and smother their babies with love and affection. I would walk through fire for my baby. Hell, I would even walk through fire for my step-son, and I didn't even give birth to him. 

I've been thinking a lot about what it's like to be a Mom, and those Mom's that are bad at it. When I became a mom (and that includes being a Step-Mom) my life changed forever. And I really have a hard time with women who don't put their kids first or 2nd or even if the top 5 of their lives. 

Being a Mom is hard, so I laughed at this headline. The sad reality is that there was a Mom out there who lost it so bad that she didn't care if she hurt her 2 year old little girl. I think there's a special hell for people like that. 

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