Thursday, October 18, 2012

Mother's group

Recently I got some advice form a mother of 4. Join a ladies group. She said no one else will understand you or your life like someone who’s going through the same thing. I went online and found a few mom groups in the area. I joined a few, just to cover my bases. One group that I’ve found has a lot of super nice Mom’s. They all seem to be fun and outgoing… just the kind of friends I need.

I got an invitation from one of the groups. It was labeled as a “family event” and that we should feel free to bring our kids. Here’s the weird part. It was at a dinner/happy hour –esque thing at a restaurant at a local hotel. What made it weirder was that they put in the invite that since we’re going to have our kids with us that we should “drink responsibly” and only drink non-alcoholic drinks. Milk-a-whaaaa? (see: Ameratrade commercial regarding the Milk-a-holic Lyndsay.)

Now, I agree that you should be responsible around your kids. You shouldn’t be boozing it up in front of them, especially if you’re driving. But, what’s really wrong with me having a class of chard with my meal? When people make comments like this I wonder if they have issue themselves with drinking. The devious part of me wants to write back and ask what the happy hour specials are.

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