Monday, October 1, 2012

You know you're sleep deprived when...

This morning I was walking around the upstairs of our house thinking that the house was sort of stuffy. Fall weather has started and we're not keeping our windows open at night any more. I opened the windows, hoping that would help. I walked into one of the rooms and there was a very distinct pee smell. When we originally moved into the house we had the carpets cleaned, first thing to help with the pet odor coming from the house. I used air freshener, odor absorbing crystals, fabreeze, etc... and the house was finally starting to sleep good. I was thinking this morning that maybe that pet smell was coming back, like maybe it was still lingering in the carpet.

I used some fabreeze around the house. The next time I was upstairs I still smelled that awful pee smell. It was mostly in one particular room. Then I looked down. I was standing right in front of a trash can filled with dirty diapers.... DUH!

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