Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Who knew coupons were an intelligence test?

I use coupons… a lot. I figure, it’s money in the bank. Most of the time I download coupons while watching TV. I’m just sitting there on the couch anyway, why not be productive, too. I digress… I love coupons, and more importantly, love a good deal.

So when I saw that my favorite hippie organic granola (yea, I eat granola) was 2 bucks off at the store through today. I also remembered that I had a coupon for $1 buck off of 2 boxes, so I made sure to stop by the store last night after picking up Baby C from daycare. 

The granola had an additional coupon on each box for $1 off 2 boxes (score: more coupons!). I figured I’d put the new ones in my stash and use the one I already have. I happily went to check out, thinking that I got a good deal this week. 

I put all of my items on the belt and put my coupon on one of the boxes of granola. The checker started scanning. After she scanned the 2 boxes of granola, I noticed that the coupon didn’t show up on the computer (yes, I’m THAT woman in line at the grocery store), so I asked the checker if she scanned the coupon. She said “what coupon”? I reached down and handed her the coupon, that was still on the belt. 

She said “but this is for 2 boxes” and looked very confused. She looked at the coupon, looked at the box that she still had in her hand, looked at the coupon and looked back at he box. I said “yes, I have 2 boxes”. She looked at the items she just scanned, including 2 boxes of granola. The checker then noticed that each box had another “buy 2 get $1 buck off” coupon. 

Again, confusion set in. She proceeded to take the coupon off of the box and look at the first coupon, and then look at the 2nd coupon (that she just took off the box). Keep in mind, it’s the same coupon on each box. The bagger seemed to be equally confused and proceeded to take the coupon off of the 2nd box. He looked at me very puzzled and asked “did you want this”? After I said “yes” they both tried to put the coupons back on the boxes.

I tried my best to be nice, honestly I did. It took me a few minutes, but I finally got the whole situation squared away. It’s a good thing I didn’t have a 2nd coupon in the mix, otherwise it might have gotten really confusing.

Stay in school, kids.

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