Saturday, January 5, 2013

Life: Then and now

My cousin came to visit this week. I don't have any sisters, so she's like my little sister. My much taller, skinny, gorgeous little sister (she's so pretty that if I didn't love her, I'd have to hate her). When my cousin's in town we gossip about family like we're teenagers and drink like I did when I was back in college.

We were in the car, laughing about silly stuff, when my gorgeous cousin reminded me of how I was BC... before children. Apparently, I used to get very annoyed at loud children in restaurant, especially, those who were screaming and ignored by their parents. I would huff and say things like "why don't they just take the kids OUT of the restaurant". I remember this about myself.

The whole conversation made me stop and think about myself then... and now.

Before my baby boy, I was... let's just say... very self focused. But for someone who has never had to take care of someone else, it's easy to understand. I had never had to be responsible for someone other than myself. I had never been up all night with a baby or had to leave a restaurant in a hurry because a 2 year old was having a melt down. I didn't get it.

And now, I get it.

Since having my son I've come to an understanding about life. It has it's phases. I didn't understand my married friends when I was single. I thought that they drank the cool aid. I had one friend who went from closing down bars to making pies. She went through the single phase, and then she was in the family phase. I get it.

I, too, make pies, although my boys prefer muffins. That doesn't mean that I drank the cool aid. That means that I'm a Mom and I do whatever I can to make my people happy.  There's something about being a mother that makes you understand that not everything in life is about you. You're responsible for the adorable, tiny, screaming little bundle of joy and it's your job, as a Mom, to love and protect them.

While my cousin reminded me that life has changed. And some things haven't changed. I'm still annoyed when parents ignore their kids in a restaurant.

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